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Awesome. That was funny. I love your animation style, man. It was hilarious the way dumbledore's hair bounced back and forth..priceless. And my hat off to you, sir, for using my 3 second Magical Moment "song" (and I use that term loosely). I thought it would be lost in mediocrity forever. Very solid animation.

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Yeah, man thanks a lot for that. I actually downloaded it and ALMOST forgot to use it!

Then I found a happy place for it.

Thanks for reviewing!

That was so sad.

I like the your notebook animation style. This is a real heart string-puller.

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lol, funny!

Thats funny, man! The mic work was a little shabby, but totally acceptable.
You get points for not using speakonia like a noob.

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Not bad, man.

Nice. Better than mine, hands down. Very professional, and well made. Brava

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Ah, Flaedo. If not for you and your tutorial, I would not have been inspired to create one. I remember back when I wanted to learn how to use FL Studio, I had a look here on Newgrounds and the only result I got was your tutorial. As much as it helped, I didn't learn a great deal from it. So I set out to provide future FL beginners with an intuitive beginners guide to song making on FL Studio :D

Pretty cool.

Really well made. I've seen many similar platformers that are buggy, or the sound that plays when you jump is extremely annoying, or horrible looping music plays forever. You know your shit, man. Keep 'em coming.


That's freaking hilarious! Very original, Very funny. I was a little worried about the fact that it was only 44kb, but you really delivered. Bravo.

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I'd probably like this song better if I hadn't played around in Garageband myself and heard all these loops. But good effort.

Side note: if you're using a Mac, I recommend checking out Reason, its a music making program geared more towards Mac users.

Nice, man.

Its completely on-tempo and everything. And you even gave it your own spin. Solid audio. ;)


I'm a joke/demo :'(

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